Fishing Net Manufacturer

DK is able to design and customize various types of fishing nets according to customer needs to suit different fishing environments and target fish species. This may include different mesh sizes, mesh shapes, materials, and construction.


Dekun Fishing Co., Ltd. is located on the beautiful Dongshan Island, Fujian Province,China. with more than 40 years of fishing net and all kinds of fishing accessory manufacturing experience. There are more than 200 members in the R&D teams and manufacturing department, and the manufacturing workers are skilled; the nets we produce are of high quality.

Our products are exported to North America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Pacific island countries, Russia, Africa, and other countries and regions. We sincerely hope to be friends and partners with all customers all over the world through our hard work in the near future.

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Fishing Net Type

The fishing nets produced by DK are made of high-quality materials, which are more durable and have high tenacity and good elasticity. All kinds of nets are suitable for fishing, sports, agriculture and so on.

Our Products

Our main products are commercial fishing nets, cast nets,gill nets,landing nets, crab traps,lead sinkers, and all kinds of fishing accessories. At present, we have a new production line of advanced equipment, mainly producing nylon monofilament fishing nets, nylon mono-multi fishing nets, nylon multifilament fishing nets, etc. 

Advantages of DK fishing net

Innovative Technology

DK has a R&D and manufacturing team of more than 200 people to ensure that the fishing nets are not only durable and reliable, but also improve efficiency and capture rate.

Customization Options

DK has the ability to provide customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers, providing fishing nets optimized for specific fishing conditions.

Environmental Responsible

DK uses environmentally friendly materials and production methods to minimize environmental impact. We recognize the importance of protecting marine ecosystems.

Our nets are definitely designed to catch more baitfish and reduce the number of escapes.

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